The Authentic Georgian & Greek dining culinary experience at affordable prices

A relaxed ambiance that offers traditional foods within ideal setting which create the mood

Argo is proud to introduce arguably one of the worlds finest cuisines direct to your table in downtown Bangkok, Sukhumvit Soi 8.

Come and join us for an experience into the world of Georgian and Greek cuisine. Argo offers you unique food at affordable prices, our authentic tasty kebabs and Souvlaki is one of the house specialities direct from the grill. The authentic taste of Georgia and Greece comes to you.

A warm welcome from all of our staff and owners, Argo is not only about dining it is the whole experience that counts. Relax sit back and divulge through an extensive menu which show cases this sensational food,  a real gastronomical treat awaits.

Mouthwatering dishes prepared
by Georgian chef Nelly